Uses of Copper

What Ayurveda Says about copper Yogis have revered copper as an ideal container to positively charge water before drinking it. For thousands of years, the yogis would carry water in their copper pot called 'kamandalam'. In traditional households in India, copper drinking cups are still used. In Ayurveda, Copper is being used mostly in bhasma (ashes) form. Tamra bhasma (copper ash) is used in treating various disorders like fever, skin disorders and based on its antipyretic, anti parasitic and anti-leprotic properties. Ayurvedic practitioners believe that drinking water purified by keeping it over night in a copper vessel will help prevent arteriosclerosis. Other benefits of copper according to ayurveda are :

  • Drinking water from copper cups prevents ageing, called vaya-sthapak.
  • Copper can destroy undesirable virus and bacteria. When copper dissolves in water, water becomes ionic (electrolyte) as can be ascertained by its pH measurement. That is the reason the micro-organisms get killed in such water. This is called the Oligodynamic effect, as proven by research.
  • Water is energized. Taste the water from a copper cup to experience the energized quality of water! It is said to be "blessed". When water is 'blessed', its crystalline structure is changed. When water is blessed, the water has super healing properties.

In humans, copper is essential to the proper functioning of organs and metabolic processes.


How to use it : Pour water in the copper cup and leave overnight or for a while. Then, drink in the morning. Or use your copper cup to drink water from at all times.